Thursday, 21 April 2016

Breakfast Buffet at Melting Pot, InterContinental Chennai Mahabalipuram Resort, ECR: With Aparna Kumar

I personally like to reach a place early so I get some time to explore and get a grip of what I can expect from the place. Have been once before to the Melting Pot, for breakfast. They were only few weeks old then, so I'd decided to go back when they stabilise.

We were at Melting Pot, even before the crowd started coming in. We got seated. I noticed that the counters were ready and the whole restaurant was in full form even before the guests arrival time. I started my recce, and I was clicking pictures looking at the counters and walking around, that's when the Junior Sous Chef Ajay approached me and asked if I'm looking for anything specific. And we struck a conversation.

Breakfast at Hotels to me, can be a Hit or Miss. My observation is that since the hotels give them as a part of the package and since it's free for the people staying there, mostly not much of thought goes in. Nothing creative there. Also, I somehow don't like to try South Indian in such places, as it is mostly fine tuned for the Palate of their guests (Read Non-Indians). And I detest it when our OWN food is not given the much needed attention.
But, InterContinental proved me wrong on all counts. And Boy! Am I happy. I'm not over exaggerating but not a single dish failed me. I repeat... Not a single dish. I know it's impossible, but it really happened. You got to trust me.

I think, the Chef almost took my general thoughts about Hotels as a challenge and he offered to send me an Indian Tasting Platter to my table. And some fresh juices to try. He asked me my choice of juice. I didn't want to give out my secret, so I asked him to surprise me. And that's exactly what he did.

The Breakfast spread at Melting Pot is divided into four sections. So, the description of food in this write-up will follow their style, describing only what I had from each section .

Cold Section: Basically comprises of selection of fresh juices, salads, cornflakes and muesli etc. The spread in this section alone is so vast, that if I start typing in detail you'll finish reading my write-up by tomorrow only😛.
The Chef suprised me with 4 Types of drink in Shot glasses (So that I can taste all 4). Each one was neatly labelled, which was quite impressive. I gave my feeback for all this and the other things to the Chef later when he came to our table.

Drumstick & Basil, Curry Leaf & Lemon, Tricky Turmeric, Berry Blast: The first two won hands down, the second two was good too. Imagine such healthy drinks with no compromise on taste. Rare combinations with perfect output. Awesomeness!!

Indian Section: A section that I would have normally skipped.


Personally, to me, Gobi Paratha/Pyaaz Paratha is the yardstick to measure the capability of a restaurant. If they win in impressing me with this, then I can vouch for them. So, a big thumbs-up to Melting Pot as their Gobi Paratha was just out of the world. And I'm contemplating to go back just to have this one.
The Indian Sampler Thali - Loved their Dosa and Podi Uthappam, Vada was very good, Idiyappam along with the Kadala Curry was too good. Happy to see Ajwain in their Poori (Carom seeds) - Again a good sign for me. Not a fan of Idly personally but this one was good. All the accompaniments were spot on and tasted very much like how it should be - Indian 😃

Asian Section: Dimsums happened, as a result of my big mouth. Literally dragged the Chef Anup (He said he is the Speciality Japanese Chef) who was busy working in the counter. Bombarded him with questions, I think he understood that the best way to put me on mute is to give me food.

Chicken Siu Mai, along with their Chilli Garlic Dip - Please do not miss it for the world if you ever go to their Breakfast Buffet.

European/Continental Section: My personal favourite section and Melting Pot hit the bull's-eye. I wish I had the appetite to try everything on their spread, Huh! Not possible.

Special mention to their Pancakes and Waffles. A nice touch was the Berry Compote, and the plating was stunning. Absolutely drool worthy and everything else that I tried were spot-on. After much scrutiny too, I can't think of any glitches.

Apart from this 4 sections, they have an elaborate section for Breads.

Service was an absolute delight. Even though it's a buffet they don't let you walk to the counters 😛. I noticed this was the case with all other guests too. Very courteous and smiling service.
Ended my breakfast with an awesome Black Coffee - Perfect!!

Cost of the Breakfast Buffet is INR 899 + Taxes. Approximately INR 2300 for 2 with Taxes.
If you can sacrifice your sleep for food, then that is true LOVE. Breakfast getaways are good, as you get your dose of adrenaline rush in the morning and then you got the energy to face the day with a big grin on your face. And yes, I feel I'm worthy of pampering myself with such a luxury, once in a while.



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