Monday, 18 April 2016

Courtallam Border Rahmath Kadai, T.Nagar

Courtallam Border Rahmath Kadai, T.Nagar:

There are Border Parotta Kadai and then there is Courtallam Border Rahmath Kadai. More than the controversy, what really enticed me is the Menu at Courtallam Border Rahmath Kadai, representing the Thirunelveli District cuisine, which is very unique to our Chennai food scenario.

This is an accumulation of two visits, in the span of last one month. This place was thrashed during it's initial days after it's launch, people who supported it were also thrashed. I've visited this place twice already, and have plans to visit in future too.

The Order: From My First Visit:

Mutton Biryani:
Fragrant long grained rice, mildly spiced (I prefer little more of spiciness though), less irritants (but not NIL), soft mutton pieces, non-oily. Paired with excellent Bagarae Baingan. Simply superb. Added to my Biryani Trail, without a doubt.

Border Parotta:

Almost the size of your palm, served with their signature chicken salna. Truly lived up to all the positive hype around it. Totally drool worthy.

Egg Veechu Parotta:

Soft Parotta with fluffy egg filling. The staff was courteous enough to bring one Veechu Parotta made into two for us. This one surely won me over. Loved it to bits along with their signature Salna.

Kaadai Porichathu:

Spot-on with taste. Very mild in spice, soft meat and the whole thing had been deep fried in Coconut Oil, which gave it a distinct taste.

Nattu Kozhi Pepper Fry:

Literally left me licking the plate. As the name rightly suggests only spice that I could taste was Pepper, Pepper and Pepper only. Divine!

Masala Kalaaki:

I've not acquired the taste for Kalaaki, So with whatever little I tasted, it would be unfair to judge it. But, I guess, it's good.

The Order: Second Visit:

Border Parotta:

Experience from my first visit holds good. No change.

Egg Chicken Ceylon:

Not the usual Minced Chicken, but you get chunky shreds of Chicken. Tastewise absolutely no qualms. But, this one's not boneless. Yeah! You heard it right. This one has bones in it, so be careful while eating if you order this.

Nattu Kozhi Pichipottadhu:

It's been quite a while since I've had Nattu Kozhi that isn't chewy or hard. This one really made me wonder how did they convert the simple Nattu Kozhi to such an amazing dish.

Gun Chicken:

Ordered purely out of curiosity. It has been named Gun Chicken, because of the cut of Chicken (Piece) resembles that of a Gun. This Gun did shoot well tastewise too. Worth ordering.

Egg Podimas:

Simple Egg Podimas, with Pepper enhancing the taste quotient along of Onions and Green Chillies. Gets my thumbs-up.

Service: This place is an upgraded Parotta Kadai but the serving Pattern is similar to that of any normal Parotta Kadai. Service is very courteous and both the times I was happy with it. First time around when they didn't have Soft drinks, in stead of just saying it's not available the staff was ready to get it from the nearest shop, that's a gesture to be highly appreciated. Next time around, Soft Drinks were available with them itself.

Overall Experience: Courtallam Border Rahmath Kadai is here to stay, no matter what brickbats is thrown at them, they throw some awesome food back at you, which is irresistible and of great quality. Hoping, that they continue to be what they are now, in that case, for sure this is an awesome welcome addition to Chennai.

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