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Jonah's Goes Fishing With Chef Willi, Palavakkam

Hardly a month old, this new addition to the Chronicles of Jonah's, has a very classy interior. The color theme is similar to their Poes Garden outlet, but everything else is in a new Avtar. Ample natural light and good space planning, makes this place more livelier than it's other counterparts.

Jonah's Goes Fishing
Jonah's Goes Fishing
The second thing that I love about Jonah's Goes Fishing with Chef Willi, has to be their Menu. No prize for guessing which is my first love (One-sided of course :p). The Menu is very alluring, with wide variety of dishes covering European/Continental (few signature dishes from their Poes outlet is also featured) and the new inclusion is Pan Asian. The initiative to come up with such an interesting array of dishes, in a fine dining atmosphere has to be applauded. Much thought has gone in, I must say.

Jonah's Goes Fishing

The Order - The Menu features both Surf and Turf, but our main focus that day was Seafood, So:
Laksa Soup: Medley of Seafood with Rice Noodles in Laksa Broth and Coconut Milk: Price INR 190

Laksa Soup
My friend and me decided to order this unanimously because we are ardent fans of Laksa. In spite, of this being shared into two portions, the quantity was quite sufficient. The Soup had Cubes of Red Snapper, Chunky Pieces of Prawns and Noodles - As a stand alone, I for sure, wouldn't have had any problem with this Soup with a hint of Lemon added to it. The word 'Laksa' leads this Soup to a lot of scrutiny and I must say, it lacked the punch of a 'Laksa'.

Grilled Prawn Satays: Bay Prawns with Lemon Grass, Ginger, Garlic, Turmeric and Peanut Sauce: Price INR 295
Grilled Prawn Satays
This was a Masterpiece! The Peanut sauce was Okayish, but I actually didn't need an accompaniment, as the Prawns were succulent and flavourful. Awesome!!

Southern Seafood Cakes: Pan - fried Fish and Crabmeat cakes with Mayonnaise, Sweet Peppers and Herbs: Price INR 295

Southern Seafood Cakes
I liked this one a lot. The sweetness of Fish and Crabmeat well balanced with the use of Green and Red Peppers - Wow!! Little delicate as it was breaking easily, but I'd like to believe it only means that no additives (like flour) were added and to me that's a very good sign.

Steamed Crab Wontons: Crabmeat and Water Chestnuts steamed in Chinese Pasta with Green Onions: Price INR 265

Steamed Crab Wontons
This was ordered as a result of my curiosity and I later regretted ordering this one. Didn't like it one bit. I had one Wonton and couldn't believe so had to taste one more. I'm presuming, the same Fish and Crabmeat mixture (Seafood Cakes) was used to prepare this one (Totally my assumption, I can be so wrong too). There were no Water Chestnuts in the filling. A dampener!

Sambal Baked Fish: Baked in Banana Leaves with spicy Tamarind and Palm Sugar, Chilli Sauce, Coriander and Lime with Steamed Rice: Price INR 525:

Sambal Baked  Fish
Sambal Baked Fish
This by itself can be a meal - A thick slice of Seer Fish served along with Rice and Dal. The Rice and Dal were spot-on. The Sambal Paste that was smeared on the Fish was very good in taste. Spicy enough to give you a runny nose but at the same time make you grin because of the good taste. Only hitch was that the Fish was a bit firm. It could have been because maybe it was not thawed properly.

Seafood Spaghetti (String Pasta): Seafood medley with Artichoke Hearts, Pasta Tomato Sauce and Red Chilli - Appetiser Portion: Price INR 345

Seafood Spaghetti
Drop-dead Delicious! Tastewise, top-notch! The Mussel, Prawns and Fish in this dish were really very good. Was happy to find Artichoke Hearts, in the dish.

In general, the Prawns in all the Prawn dish, that we had, were of good quality and it's impressive to note that the usual suspect Basa has been shed all along and different variety of Fish have been used to give each dish a distinct taste. I did overhear the word John Dory too :p from the next table's order. Names like Mud Crab, Lobster etc (of course subject to availability) is also featured in their Menu.

Hungarian Apple Pancakes: Warm and Sweet Hungarian Apple Pancakes swimming in Caramalized Apple Syrup: Price INR 185

Hungarian Apple Pancakes

The Dessert section has been carried forward from the Poes Outlet. So, had to order my all-time favourite Hungarian Apple Pancakes. There has been times when I've walked into their Poes Outlet, just to have this alone. It's an awesome feeling to taste this one. But, for the first time, I experienced a bitter taste in patches from the Pancake. But, overall satisfactory. And the after taste - Yumm!

Overall Experience: Service Crew, as usual was very courteous, smiling, informative and helpful. Chef John, was patient to take the feedback about the food and was quick to answer our queries.
Running a commercial kitchen with Seafood as main focus is quite challenging. Consistency and Quality - has to be the key word. The feedback about the visit and the dishes were given to the Jonah's team on the same day. And I'm assured that the feedback has been taken in a constructive way.
Finally, all I've got to say is, I'm wanting to go back, the next given chance to try other things (Read the newly added dishes). I'm sure, it's gonna take me multiple visits to cover, all that I want to try from their tantalizing new menu. Chef Rules, all the way! ☺

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