Monday, 18 April 2016

Kumaravel Chettinad Meals, Teynampet

Kumaravel Chettinad Meals, Teynampet

Biryani Trail:
After my initial visit here, I've always bookmarked this place to try their Biryani and the Special Fish Fry. So, the day Sara and me decided to attack Kumaravel Chettinad Meals, I called ahead and booked 1 Chicken Biryani and requested their Special - Battered Fish Fry. The reason was we would be travelling from far and for sure we will be reaching late. Muthukumaravel was courteous enough to arrange the Fish Fry.

The Order:

I'll not touch upon the Meals and Prawns, as I had done that in my previous write-up, and my observation still holds good.

Chicken Biryani:

I like my Biryani, long grained and spicy. Kumaravel Biryani was spot on for me. It's a very different preparation from the usual ones doing the rounds in the market. The preparation is Chettinad Style. It has been a real long long long time, since I've had Biryani in this true Chettinad Style. The accompaniment Mutton Salna was yummy and I loved the combination of this with the Biryani. Quiet unique and fits my palate, so gets my thumbs-up.

Fish Fry (Batter Fried):

Not part of their regular menu, but can be made upon request with minimum three hours notice. I really consider myself lucky to have tasted this, rustic recipe of Fish Fry (Conceptualized in the kitchen of Velu Military Hotel). You got to taste this to believe my words, the outer crust crunchy and the Fish inside soft. Tasting this Fish Fry, is an experience by itself.

Chicken Podimas:

Please don't go by the Sampler tray, the Quanity was tooooo much. Extremely tasty. Shredding chicken is not an easy task. One can see the care that had gone behind making this dish a classic. Commendable.

Mutton Sukka:

Cubed Mutton pieces were soft and good spice levels.

Special Gravy: 

We were given a special Gravy for tasting, it was mind-blowing and I might end up going to Kumaravel again, just for this.

Fish Gravy: Did a takeaway of this and my mom loved it thoroughly.

Dinner at Kumaravel Chettinad Meals:

After hearing rave reviews about this place from my sister, my friends and me, my Mom had been insisting me to take her here. And I was wanting to try their Dinner Menu - So, Jackpot for me.

Kari Dosai:

A first for me and I've been wanting to try Kari Dosai since quiet sometime now. I loved it thoroughly. The combination of Mutton curry and the Dosai was just awesome.

Egg Veechu Parotta:

The Parotta was sooooooooo soft and the accompaniment of Chicken Gravy was just too good. You can choose between Mutton or Chicken Gravy. Both were good, but I preferred the Chicken Gravy. That suited my taste more.

Idiyappam & Egg Dosai:

My mom loved these thoroughly. Perfect.

Sugar Parotta:

Find of the day award goes to this. I'm totally in love with this. My mom too loved it. The Parotta was so soft and the sugar level was perfect. Will surely order this on my next visit too.

Overall Experience: Savouring your favourite South Indian food, while your nose and eyes are watering, with a broad smile on your face because you are enjoying the spice, that's Euphoria. Muthukumaravel, better get used to my nonsense, he'll be seeing me around too soon and too often.

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