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Pan Asian - ITC Grand Chola - Bloggers Meet

Pan - Asianism, through Culinary Art
Sunday Brunch, is usually the time to catch up with the week long stories, gossips with family and friends. What if this ritual can be carried out, with you sitting in an amazingly relaxed atmosphere with dish after dish of Asian delicacies served to you? Sounds interesting?! Then Pan Asian is the place to be for your Sunday feast.
A glimpse into the Bloggers meet:

The Menu:

1. Sashimi: Premium Sashimi Chutoro (Fatty tuna), Shake (Fresh Salmon), Uni (Hokkaido Sea Urchin), Fresh Sawa (Field Grown) Wasabi. Garnish: Shisho Leaf (Ooba), Hanaho (Purple Flower).


Both the Chutoro and Shake were absolutely fresh and divine. Uni, light and briny in taste was very good. Fresh Wasabi is grounded right in front out of your eyes, before being served. It was strong yet subtle – both at the same time. The Garnish was edible too - A moment, when one is happy eating the greens too. A very flattering presentation of Shashimi. After tasting the Shashimi here, what exactly I felt - I've been having my Sashimi/Sushi from all wrong places. Absolutely stunning, completely converted me to a Sashimi/Sushi lover.

2. Sichuan Style Crispy John Dory: Garlic and Chilli Pepper

A welcome relief to meet Mr. John Dory instead of the usual suspects that are widely used in most of the Restaurants. Again, a very well presented dish. One look at it and you think, its going to be a Crispy Fried Fish, but the first bite will take you to a different land filled with smoothness. A Masterpiece this, really left me wanting more.

3. Dim Sum: Scallop Shao Mai with Salmon Roe (Ikura) Shishitou Sauce
Lookwise - Straight out of a fairy tale, loved the way, this was presented.

Shao Mai ( Or Siu Mai) – Chinese Dumpling / Salmon Roe – Egg masses of Salmon / Shishitou Sauce – Shishitou is a type of Green Pepper. Combination of using sweet scallop with the salty Salmon Roe along with a strong Shishitou sauce, shows the sign of a true master. The skin of the Shao Mai was Potato starch based. And tastewise, absolutely spot-on. Highly recommended.

4. Robatayaki: Grilled Miso Black Cod, Truffle & Saikyo (White and Sweet) Miso, Poached Pears, Kuramame

Robatayaki – a method of cooking similar to barbecue, in which items of food on skewers are slow-grilled over hot charcoal. The Black Cod was grilled in the Robatayaki method. I would have never imagined something with Truffle and Miso sauce. Truffle oil yeah but truffle no, never. Huh! And that’s probably why I’m not a chef. Was kind of skeptical with this one, but trust me, it’s an amalgamation of flavours. Perfectly complimented each other on all counts. Poached Pears and the Kuramame were a nice touch.

Got to taste the Vegetarian counterpart of this - Grilled Californian Avocado. Blew my mind with its Garlicky flavour. Can surely give a complex to it's Non-Vegetarian partner.

5. Beijing Duck: Sliced Duck with Sweet Bean, Wrapped in Nama Uba (fresh soy) Sheet Blessed with Dehydrated Soy Crumb

A cute looking roll, but not many approvals on this dish. But, I absolutely liked it. The Nama Uba (Bean Curd Sheet) was ultra soft and the slightly hard duck meat, did complement each other very well.

6. From The Grill: New Zealand Lamb chop, Vanilla puffed roll with chili mango, Garnish: Hanaho leaf

The Lamb chop, went very well with the Chilli mango sauce and the highlights were the Sweet Potato star and square, presented along with the dish. Vanilla puff pastry rolled into a cigar, was super soft.

7. Sushi: Toro Nigiri (Fatty Tuna) Botan Ebi Nigiri (Sea Prawn)

Ditto from the Sashimi section of this write-up. Have been having Sashimi/Sushi from wrong places for me to even understand how beautiful a Sushi/Sashimi can be. I’m so in love with this now.

8. Mains:

Wok tossed New Zealand lamb (Black pepper): Absolutely divine. The touch of Fried Garlic was nice.
Chilean Sea Bass in Thai Yellow curry: Soft and Succulent Sea Bass swimming in a Yellow Curry, was a vision to behold and good to taste.
Jasmine Rice: The rice and the Sea Bass Thai Curry, tasted awesome together. I didn't want this part of the meal to come to an end.
Stir fried Udon Noodles: As authentic as it can be.
Greens - Snowpeas, Asparagus, Lotus Stem: Perfectly done.

9. Desserts:

Chocolate Raspberry with Yuzu Curd, Macaroon, Fruits with Passion Fruit Ice Cream
I was already full even before the mains. But, When Chef Deepthi (representing Nutmeg) explained the Dessert Platter, it did sound mouth watering. Having had some amazing desserts from Nutmeg before, must say, was considerably disappointed this time. Liked Fruits with Passion Fruit Ice Cream out of the three desserts. Everything else was passable.

The Mocktail Menu:

Tokyo Iced Tea: Kiwi Crush/Lime Juice/Sugar Syrup/Black Tea

After Party: Pineapple Juice/Cranberry Juice/Ginger Ale

Green Tea Frappacino: Green Tea Powder/Vanilla Ice Cream/Milk

Gari Shots: Yuzu lime/Pickled Ginger/Apple Juice/Wasabi

Virgin Bellini: Peach Syrup/Club Soda

In spite of being a Iced Tea lover, Tokyo Iced Tea was the only drink that I didn’t prefer much out of the five drinks that was served. It was too sweet for my liking, even after mixing through, and was not chilled enough. Gari Shots, highly recommended for adventurous Mocktail drinkers, I’m sure you’ll love it. Everything else was perfect.
The meal ended with Jasmine Tea, the traditional way. There was a choice of Green Tea also.

About Pan Asian:
Located inside the ITC Grand Chola in Guindy, this is the largest restaurant in the Hotel and can seat 160 covers at a time. It presents to you the best from the cuisines of China and Japan, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia the culinary landscapes of Asian regions such as Vietnam. Pan Asian houses an expansive wine cellar which holds upto 800 bottles of wine at a time. It's aptly nicknamed as "Walk of Temptation'. And, what's better, you can make your choice, and the Wine can be served along with your meal.
The Bloggers meet was held at the Champagne Lounge on Pan Asian's upper level. The ambience of this space, which is ideal for meetings and private dining, can very well give definition to the word Ambience, itself. Pre-set champagne flutes, set up in this Lounge is ideal for private parties too.
About The Chef:

The host of the day was, the Senior Sous Chef, Ashish Kumar Singh, who has been with Pan Asian for more than a year now. He credits his team of 33 chefs, for all ideas that go behind dishing out the wonderful delicacies from the Pan Asian Kitchen. Sounds Clich├ęd? Nah! You got to see the team perform together in sync to believe my words. Chef Ashish, is humble enough to pass on the credits to his team, but one can't stay without noticing his ability/strength to head the Restaurant, the Winner of TFNA Award for the Best Pan - Asian Fine Dining, the last two consecutive years.
In totality, the whole experience was in the true way of ITC - Hospitable, attention to details as per the guest's preference, smiling, interactive, top-notch and undoubtedly a true 5 star experience.
Sunday Brunch is between 12.30 PM - 3:00 PM and the cost is INR 2636 - including Tax (Without Alcohol) and INR 3422 including Tax (With Alcohol). Apart from the Sunday Brunch, Pan Asian is open between 7:00 PM - 11:30 PM for Dinner service everyday.

ITC Grand Chola, Chennai
A Luxury Collection Hotel
#63, Mount Road, Guindy
Chennai 600032
Tamil Nadu, India
Telephone: +91 44 22 20 00 00

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