Monday, 18 April 2016

Zuka Choco - La - Te, R. K. Salai

Zuka Choco - La - Te, R. K. Salai:

God is one, but He is perceived in many forms. Similarly, Caffeine is one, but it is perceived in many forms. At Zuka, you know the main ingredient is Chocolate but how each one tastes so different will leave you flabbergasted. Absolutely mesmerizing. They've have played around with chocolate brilliantly.

When Zuka announced it's arrival in Chennai, I knew for sure I'll be going to this place along with Vidhya, knowing our record breaking visits to their Pondicherry outlet. It was more like a Pilgrimage visit for us. We skipped our Breakfast and Lunch and were chatting only about Zuka and Chocolates till the time we reached there.
Vidhya and Me, we have exhausted tasting almost all their offerings in Pondicherry. Of course, not all offerings from their Pondicherry outlet is here and few exclusives for Chennai market is included. I think, it's a very smart move. They've brought down their trained staffs from Pondy here for the running in period. So, operations are pretty smooth without any hitch. We specifically asked for their Chennai specials. 

The Order:

Dark Knight (68% Dark Chocolate Mousse):

I'm a great fan of Mousse, and Zuka has lives up to the expectation totally, as always. Beware, the quantity is more than what the eyes see.

Jean Luc's Chocolate Cake:

This was named as Product of the month, I'm asking why the hell can't it be Product of the year. This was a milder version, with layers of Vanilla sponge and the base was Hazelnut Praline. Ah! Divine.


This is the one doing the rounds with the images of Hot Madagascar Chocolate Sauce being poured over Chocolate covered Brownie. This one is a punch on the face strong chocolate. Worth all the hype, and paying a visit to Zuka just for this one, is totally worth it. Surely, not for the chocolate faint-hearted.

Spaghetti Combo: 

We didn't want to get over whelmed with chocolate so took a break with a Spaghetti Combo (You are allowed to relate it to the Parrota Soori Comedy :P).
Certainly not great, but a welcome relief in the midst after having too much of chocolate. Spaghetti was too tangy, the Chicken quiche (I refuse to call this a quiche) - but the chicken in the quiche was very good. The triangles (in-house Nachos) was crunchy and good. We asked for extra triangles and the Staff obliged. They are extremely accommodating and friendly, as always.


A Chocolate and Nutella lovers delight. Not everyone will like this, but we enjoyed it thoroughly. It was something totally different and yummyyyyy.

Strawberry Tulsi Chocolate Truffle Cake: 

Zuka completely surprised me with this one. For the first time, I had something from Zuka and didn't like it. I took only one spoonful and couldn't bring about the courage to take the second one. We informed the Staff there, he informed us that it was their Best Seller, so far. Really didn't expect that Googly from him :P


Complimetary. Looks amazingly pretty and so full of life that you expect it to fly away when you go near to touch it. Tastewise - Plain Chocolate.

Marzipan Chocolate Truffle: Passable.

Florida Orange Truffle: Very very good.


If you are a coffee lover like me, then it's a sin, if you step into Zuka and not have their coffee.

Overall Experience: Zuka, launched itself in Chennai Market, in a similar fashion to an introduction scene of a Hero in a mass movie. No marketing gimmick, No introduction offers, No discounts - I know exactly why - They don't need those when they are pretty confident of their offerings. My vision for Zuka is, that we are going to see more outlets of Zuka opening pretty soon in major parts of the city. Since, they have a centralised kitchen in Alwarpet, it's going to be pretty easy for them. They've been consistent in Pondicherry. Zuka, is in the safe hands of an able management, who deliver what they promise. And yes, this Zuka is a BLOCKBUSTER for sure.

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