Sunday, 29 May 2016

Grand by GRT, T.Nagar

GRT in T.Nagar, being a spirited Chennaite it is, has sprung back to action, in style, after the devastating floods, that had actually showed us all what our strengths are. Amazing comeback! I visited two of it's recently opened Restaurants - J.Hind Diner, their Pan Indian Restaurant and Bazaar, their Round the Clock Restaurant. While, I write this, their Bar - Whistle Podu - is open for public too.

J.Hind - Actually is the short form of Jugalbandhi Hindustani. This Restaurant, is one of a kind, which has 'Progressive Indian Cusine' as the main feature, presenting Indian Cuisine in a New Avtar. No, it's not just deconstruction of food that we are talking about, this is more than that, the usage of Avant-Garde cooking techniques et al. For lay people, like you and me, it's a visual drama, interesting one at that. It's not an art, it's science, which intrigues me totally and at the moment I'm spell bound by J.Hind.
They've introduced a Set Menu, the day after I went for lunch here (My luck :(), which includes what I had and more. I'm posting the Set Menu along with the pictures in this write-up. Cost of Set Menu is INR 1450++ for Non-Vegetarian and INR 1250++ for Vegetarian.

Set Menu
Welcome Drink - The drama started right here. Welcome drink was Tender Coconut Water with Pomegranate Caviar and 'Popping Boba' or Caviar Balls of Saffron flavoured Thandai and Aaam Ras. Divine!
Welcome Drink
The Order:

Street-Eat Drama - A 2 course Chat Drama:

First Course was Pani Puri served in a Pizzarra. It was a bit tiring to serve oneself the Pani using the Injection. But taste wise, no complaints.
Pani Puri
Dhokla Papdi Chat: A chat trolley arrives at your table and the preparation is done right in front of you with step by step explanation. Dhokla drenched in liquid Nitrogen, the sauces and a secret spice mix and Voila, the chat is ready to be served.

No onions and in stead of the usual coriander, Micro Greens are used, but you can't find the difference in the taste, even after much scrutiny. A winner!
Dhokla Papdi Chat
Street-Eat Drama - Chat Trolley
The Great Southern Indian Railway Co. Chicken Curry:

The Railway Chicken Curry arrives in a Miniature train in a Ceramic Dishware separately, along with 3 numbers of Lump Rice neatly packed in Banana leaves and a bowl of Kachumber. Absolutely Yummy!! The Curry went well with the assorted breads that was ordered.
The Great Southern Indian Railway Co. Chicken Curry
The Great Southern Indian Railway Co. Chicken Curry
Assorted Breads:

The Assorted Breads were Amritsari Kulcha, Ulta Tawa Paratha and Sundried Tomato Roti - all three were of great quality. Didn't loose the texture even after getting slightly cold, which is impressive.
Assorted Breads

Lamb Biryani:

This Dindugal styled Biryani arrived in a bottled air-tight jar, and the smoky flavor is introduced into the Biryani by using a smoker. The traditional taste in intact and the smoky flavour gives it a nice lift. Tastewise, as close as it can get to be an authentic Seeraga Samba Biryani, no compromise has been done, which is commendable.
Lamb Biryani
Creme Brulee:

This was complimentary from the Chef. Loved this Indianized Creme Brulee to bits. It's usually served with a Rose Petal Biscotti, I was told. Cardamom flavoured Creme Brulee served in an Indian Style Matka, progressive cooking... Huh! No... It's mind blowing.
Creme Brulee

Bazaar at Grand by GRT:

The Samurai Chicken Burger:

I was at Bazaar well past lunch time for lunch, when the buffet counters were getting cleared. I was riding solo, so settled for the Samurai Chicken Burger as the description had Crispy Chicken Strips in Teriyaki Sauce in it. Served along with Cheese Balls, Salad and a Virgin Mojito. The Dip was spicy salsa - Yumm! The meal was very satisfying, I must say. The complimentary Cranberry Juice that I was given was very good, indeed.

Samurai Chicken Burger
Cranberry Juice
The Cost of Buffer at Bazaar on weekdays is INR 1299++ and on weekends INR 1499++


Overall Experience: Chef Paramjeet Singh Bombra, is a very enthusiastic chef and both the times while I was at GRT, I blindly followed his recommendations and never a moment of glitch. It's an absolute pleasure to dine at J.Hind and Bazaar seems to be joining my favourites list too. Looks like, the time for me to apply for GRT's loyalty card has come, as I'm going to be using their services quite often.

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