Monday, 23 May 2016

Salt.Co.531 at Radisson Blu, GST Road

Salt Block Cooking, was a subject that interested me since my initial visit to this place. But, I wasn't confident of writing about it unless and until, I could directly clear my doubts with the Exective Chef Abhiram Gona, during my last visit. He was patient to clear all my silly doubts and also send across to my table few of their awesome dishes. A casual lunch turned into a tasting session and I was absolutely delighted. Because, I think, Salt.Co.531's strength is also it's concept, along with the awesome food that it serves.

Salt.Co.531 has designed their Buffet Menu/A la Carte Menu around 14 different types of Salts - Huh! A revelation to me, who was thinking there was only Toothpaste with Salt apart from the Normal Salts used in our households. Their Buffet is wide spread, with an assurance that there'll be something for all. With what I've seen, I can guarantee that the Buffet Spread is simply one of the best in town. Quiet interestingly, every dish is labelled along with the type of salt that has gone into the Dish.


The Himalayan Pink Salt Block that has been used for Cooking has many interesting facts surrounding it. It is highly resistant to extreme temperatures (Hot or Cold), making it a very good medium for Cooking. It has a more complex taste than Salt and adds healthy minerals to food. The Surface of the Salt Slab is naturally Anti-Microbial. Knowing all this actually doesn't actually pinch you when you pay for the food at Salt.Co.531. Have to admit, it's an awesome feeling to understand what's in my plate.

Chef's Recommendation:

Watermelon and Feta Salad on a Chilled Salt Brick: Chef recommended that, I try this by Picking up the Watermelon Piece and Feta and taste it after rubbing it slightly on the Himalayan Salt Brick. Wow! Loved it to bits. Very fresh, refreshing - those are the words that I can think of.
Watermelon and Feta Salad

Shredded Kolhapuri Chicken Salad: Chef had introduced this one saying, I would get a blend of North meets South taste - It was an understatement. I was awestruck how this simple salad can give me an amalgamation of all Indian flavors. Avocado Koshimbir, Barbecued Chicken, Curry leaves, Kala Namak - Brilliant!
Kolhapuri Chicken Salad

On a Platter - Texas Buffalo Wings with Blue Cheese Dip, Coconut Prawns with Thai Sweet Chilli Sauce and Karuvepillai Meen Kuchi Varuval with Chettinad Aioli, Edamae, Podi Idly
Everything was a Masterpiece. Just in case, if I have to pick up the best of the lot then, it'll be a tie between Texas Buffalo Wings and Edamame. All others on position two.

From the Buffet: Only from what I tasted, there were so many dishes that I didn't taste:

Soup: The Tomato Soup, undoubtedly is one of the best.

Starters: I preferred their Vegetarian Starters - Wasabi Tossed Mushrooms, Kaju Mutter Samosa, Salt Seared Pineapple and Masala Paneer Tikka (In that order of preference) to their Non-Vegetarian Starters - Meen Varuval, Shish Tawook and Crumbed Fish (In that order of preference)

Main Course: Here too, Vegetarian dishes scored more than Non-Vegetarian dishes. The Lasooni Dal and Palak Makkai were the best amongst all the sides. Their Gosht Dum Biryani is a sure winner. Methi Murg along with Roti was simply too good. Next vote goes to Fish Hubei. Vennai Mamsam Koora and Prawns Siciliana were Okayish.


Desserts: In my opinion, their Indian dessert creations have a higher hand over their other dessert creations. Loved the Kaala Jamun, Kalakand and Apple Rabdi. The offerings are so vast, one can actually skip the main course and attack desserts directly.

Drinks: Lemon Iced tea was very good.

Ended the meal with coffee, I prefer their Black coffee which I had in my previous visit than to the Cappuccino that I had in my last visit.

Cost of the Buffet lunch is INR 1299+Taxes. For kids the cost is 900+Taxes.

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